Platform H.NU staat niet alleen. Zie hieronder links van kritische (internationale) initiatieven:

Actiegroep Hoger Onderwijs (BE)

Council for the Defence of British Universities (UK)

Death of American Universities – Noam Chomsky

De Nieuwe Universiteit

De Omslag

Democratische Academie Groningen (DAG)

Edufactory – Conflicts and Transformation of the University

Hochschulwatch (GE)

San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (US)

Reclaiming our University (University of Aberdeen, CA)

Rethink: UvA Staff for a New University

Science in Transition (NL)

Slow Science Manifesto (GE)

Stichting Beroepseer

Vlaamse Academici in opstand tegen publicatiedruk – De Morgen (BE)

Vakbond Voor de Wetenschap

Voice of the Researchers (EU)


Media internationaal

 Academic assessment gone mad. In: Times Higher Education, February 6 2014.

Dark thoughts: why mental illness is on the rise in academia. In: The Guardian Higher Education, March 6 2014.

Higher Education’s Silent Killer. In: Briarpatch Magazine, September 1st 2015.

 Publish and perish at Imperial College London: the death of Stefan Grimm. DC’s Improbable Science. December 1st, 2014.

 The true cost of private contracts in universities. In: The Guardian, March 24 2014. 

University protests around the world: a fight against commercialisation. In: The Guardian, March 25 2015.

One comment on “Links
  1. Respected colleague (Waarde collega),

    I would like to draw your attention to the article “The silence of the rabbits” in the newspaper of the University of Groningen (UK):

    It concerns the mechanisms by which we come to decisions on who may steer the university at various levels (insitute directors, deans or a rector).

    With kind regards,
    Nicolai Petkov
    professor and chair of the Personnel Faction for Science in the University Council, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

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